Friday, May 04, 2012

Almond-Breath Assassin

(After 26/11, Mumbai attacks)

O almond-breath assassin, who roused the bloody thief in you?
How many heart-huts will you raze before tasting a relief in you?

Perhaps you are convinced, you are acting as scripted, you are faithful.
Have you objectively examined, the passages of belief in you?

Are you lusting for a false paradise, Kashyap's ill-fated Kashmir?
Rather than exiling that fanatic urge, did you give it a fief in you?

Wasn’t heart’s anarchy forged before wordless Snake's whisper?
Won’t you be punished again by whoever coded this mischief in you?

You uproot secular gardens, treating Vedic inheritance as infidel weed.
Will you turn Punjab into a cactus country? Is there no olive leaf in you?

How I wish you had given me a chance to prove my love is sincere!
Don’t you ever perceive a desire to converse, maybe brief, in you?

They claim you’re suicidal and my love shall stay unrequited:
Who knows, beloved! Vivek’s song might evoke a sufi grief in you.

Published first at The Ghazal Page (Volume One, 2012)

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