Saturday, February 12, 2005

Black, Bachchan, Bhansali, Raani and Beauty!

Bhansali must be specially gifted to direct such a movie. I would not venture to write paragraphs full of adulation, or seek shortcomings in the movie, but I might suggest to you that you must watch this movie for the following reasons:

1) Hellen Keller is a legend in her own right. Perhaps this movie explores certain aspects of her life, and the life of millions who cannot hear or see. Most of us are living like deaf, mute and blind, impervious to the sounds of conscience to do something, ignorant of challenges that people face every moment of their life, unconscious of possibilities and in many respects, we are lame, toothless, tongueless creatures! Its not easy to see what is wrong with yourself and your life. If shortcomings exist, one needs to fight them and rise above them. The movie has this undercurrent, and hence is inspirational.

2) Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Cinema is art in motion, poetry and painting on screen with music in the background. As always, the art and science of movie-making finds the insightful and dreamy, but wise heart and head of Bhansali. The man really loves his craft!

3) Its different. Its songless but still lyrical. Its danceless, but has foot and arm movements that will sway your emotions. It lacks the usual melodrama, tears flow out slowly, silently, on their own. It has moments where you foster delicate smile that springs not from the corner of your eyes but from the sigh in your throat.

4) This movie shows and demands a certain degree of respect and sensibility from the audience. It is not made for giggles, it is not designed for fun, it is not directed to set box-office on fire. It might win accolades that come with doing something well. It is elitist, and elitism is good at times.

5) Actors have done a great job. For a difficult job of this scale, Ayesha, the little girl has acted really well. Rani, Bachchan and everyone who shares screen space with them have made an effort to perform as well as possible.

Maybe things could have been done differently, maybe they can be done better, but Black, in the way it has been done now is BEAUTIFUL, touching and worth watching!

Cheers to Bhansali!

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