Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A cup of tea - ONE

It is time to experiment! I will write as many poems on a cup of tea as humanly possible and post them all here! So all these will be numbered, and will appear over next several weeks:)

Boiled dry, dead leaves,
brewed till bitterness spreads
into the agigated water,
spiced with cardamom, ginger,
the blackness conquered
by milk - white and cold,
a brown puddle in heat
maddened by the boils
temptutous till it is rescued
and poured through a filter
only to be doused by
the sleepish, sloshy cells
that somehow believe
a cup of tea fill them
with imagination and relief!

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Vivek said...

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Vivek Sharma comments:
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has several other poems on tea (that I will transfer here eventually)

AmitXGupta comments:
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Sharma bhaiji - what a wonderful thought! You are aware of the fact that tea leaves have been long used to foretell the future dont you? Maybe your poems could do something of the same sort? Wish you the very best in your endeavours.

Try something in Hindi too, will you?


vi comments:
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nice one
(I like tea, never enough to write poetry about it...don't mind reading them though!!!)