Saturday, February 05, 2005

Page 3, Konkona Sen Sharma, Sandhya and all that!

Page 3! It is an interesting, engrossing take on the celebrities that occupy the Page 3 of our increasingly gossipy newspapers. Konkona Sen Sharma, Sandhya and Atul are just brilliant, and the movie manages to bring to light the real and dark shades of the glamorized characters of the hoi polloi of our society. It presents a good montage of Page 3 events in the beginning. The characters are shown to mature as the movie progresses, and people find all sort of ways to reach their aspired goals. Introspective at times, the director takes time to mock the charades of Bollywood stars, cricketers, politicians and administration.

I loved the movie, the concept, the characters. The movie is not perfect, but has enough meat in it to becomes a post-modern classic for people who like movies that go beyond the usual Bollywood recipies. The songs by Lata greatly enhance the emotional appeal of the scenes where they appear in background.

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