Saturday, April 02, 2005

Apropos for "A Cup of Tea" series!

As you take sip after sip of stanzas that I serve,
An array of characters will begin to emerge,
A hero will pine for his unrequited love
The heroine, her tea-bags of love, conserve,
How can without a third lead the story complete be
She will enter holding trays of twists and mystery
And while his parents nudge at his arms, he'll see
New colors of fate spread over his own artistry
As one spell shall break, another will take form
(There will be usual mishaps for the sake of continuity)
The heroine shall strike back, as it has to be
Tempting him into togetherness and infidelity
In all the chaos he will experience some joys unbound
And also the times of poetic pain or unsavory absurdity
But this is a trailer, a "tea-ser", full story remains to unfold
Drink on, to dregs shall I drag this episodic "Cup of Tea"!
This experimental tea poems are seemingly savored less
But I am writing those just to hone and hype my prowess:)

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Vivek said...

from sulekha:

chayalife comments:
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Can't escape the clutches of bollywood eh!! Just always a pleasure to read and...well drink!!

But I must say, I enjoyed the 'intensity' of 'How did she' and 'paragraphs of promiscuity' better....that's just me!!

So, I shall - "Drink on, to dregs ....this...episodic "Cup of Tea"!"
Another novel in verse in the making??? :-))