Thursday, April 14, 2005

Love Story by Segal and other things!

I am going to India and Netherlands, to Himachal and to Delhi, and maybe to Paris and to Calcutta. Two months to finish a zillion tasks! I must somehow fill in more work hours into each day, though I cannot figure how. Papers need to be dished out, and research requires lot of doing rather than just thinking, meaning I need the physical presence and effort at multiple places. I wish I had multiple selves taking care of each job that I so optimistically entrust to myself.

Meanwhile I picked a novel to bide time while my fellow graduate students gossiped, grinned and glowed in Chinese, and surprisingly it ended before they stopped talking:)! Such is graduate life; you always manage to do first what you are not supposed to be doing and vice versa.

Erich Segal's Love Story is a simple, tocuhing, beautiful and heartfelt novel. It is an easy read, full of sentimentality served with dash of really delightful wit and exchanges between Oliver and Jennifer. Oliver starts a Harvard stud, hailing from a family of superachievers, and has reserved acute enimity towards his father who he calls "sonofabitch". Jenny is a small town girl, who studies music, and comes out as a perfect match for Oliver. Its a romantic novel, runs like a movie, and besides being a love story, addresses father son relationship quite well as well as brings out the character an ivy-league garduate acquires simply because of his schooling. The novel manages to drive a dagger through a readers heart towards the end, which I will not disclose for benefit of those who haven't read. Read it; it requires few hours at most, and believe me you might like it. At least a diehard romantic like me would think so!


Chay said...

Now see...that was the whole review!! I enjoyed this when do the 'travails' begin?? How long will u be in the Netherlands??? When u touch ground there, say a little hello for me...:-)))) I'd give anything to go back and spend time there...

write...whatever u do, dont stop writing!! But then u know that already!! :-))))

Vivek said...

from sulekha:

chayalife comments:
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chayalife comments:
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I ditto Viv about the book.
And the movie...well, its not just a story that makes a movie....Now I have seen Boston and NY in tons of other pictures...but it does not quite look as it does in this one...:-))
Yes Viv...I will let u and Geebs know about the soundtrack...
more laters!!


Vivek Sharma comments:
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Will definitely see the movie chay!... and will look out for the soundtrack as well! Maybe u can let Gayathri and me know if we can find the soundtrack online

Well vi, I had thought the same about Doctors, but Love story still appeared to be a cute and enjoyable novel. Its quite American, and I guess I wd have liked it less if I had read it when I was in India, or was unaware of how dating/ice hockey/ ivy league works here.

vi comments:
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I didn't like love story and its sequel, somehow I found it to be too predictable and cliched!


Gayathri Balasubramaniam comments:
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That is my fav book!!!! that and doctors. I haven't seenthe movie Chay. Now that you are gushing abt it - I will.

chayalife comments:
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Viv....seen the movie?
Stars Ryan O neal and Ali Macgraw...see it pls!! Its as complete a justice to the book as can be....Preppy is awesome...:-))) look at em gushing!! Lollz. It was made in 1977...amazing!! the music is even more amazing...I've listened to the music since I was 4 or 5...:-))))))) and u will recognize it coz its been copied so many times by so many bollywood nutcases!!