Friday, April 22, 2005

Your two eyes, what can I say?

Your two eyes, what can I say
Are two dreamers that donot see
That see not the landscapes of reality
Only the rainbows of the imagined
That span the skies of your dreams
And lie far away from my galaxy!


Your two eyes, what can I say
Are two beacons in my dark sky
Two beacons that bring hope to me
As I walk towards you, my light
My love, you guide me on each step
Guide me till I make you my destiny!


Your two eyes, what can I say
Talk to me in ways no eyes can
No eyes communicate innate misery
And quietly also of what cannot be
Veiled in silent smiles of cordiality
Your enticing eyes, why they abandon me!

Physics building, 2pm, 15 April 2005
During a lecture on "Quantum effects in electronic transport in artificial atoms"
The quality/(incoherence between stanzas) of the poem is a testimony to the fact that I was attentive in the class:)!


buckwaasur said...

hey nice poem vivek...i like ur signature style of providing the context of the poem too...which might or might not give additional insight...:-)

Chay said...

:-)) yeah, the foot note is deffy a must when u post on sulls as well bud! But my curiosity gets more intensified now...:-))
umm...oh well. I shall forget it now!!

SeaSwallowMe said...

hey vivek !

loved this line ..... "..And quietly also of what cannot be..."

keep 'em coming. you're quite the renaissance-type - churning out poetry while someone drones on about quantum theory :)

bleu said...

very nice poem VS. By how much of quantum physics is in poetry, I see it inspires you very much. you got quite a mix going there.

Vivek said...

thanks buck, chay, seaswallow, em!

That signature is usually written at the end of the poem when I actually write it (its usually a note to my ownself:)!)

Chay ur curiosity is welcome:) Maybe u will continue to read my stuff to actually see patterns and decipher what u wanna know:) Time will seal the issue:)!

Time said...

Dear Vivek Sharma,

I am writing this comment so that your suffering ends right here.

Why do I say that? Answer is in your last comment. You yourself said " Time will seal the issue". Just think that I am no one but time who wants to seal this issue, before, time comes to an end.

Do not act innocent and evasive, for you know exactly what you are doing. You cannot wash away the responsibility later saying your poems are fictious and that therefore if some one fell for it it was only their mistake.

Your lust which you may call love for those two eyes is as evasive and as big mirage as your fiction.
We the human beings are all zeros.
God is only one who has value of one. Physicist like you I am sure knows all the languages in computers have been reduced to 0 and 1.

These 0 s that is we the humanbeings have value only beside God who has value of 1. How much ever you lust and love other human being your zero value slightly becomes fraction of 1 that is 1 divided by millionth part of 1, only when you do self-less deeds. If we are craving for another fraction of us and imagining ourself to be the Ultimate, imagine the beauty of the value of the zero with one which can be 10 or 1 or multiplication of 10 or 10 to the power of n.

Therefore I safely conclude, lusting and addition of one fraction with another fraction in spiritual language is always less than 1 and that is God. At the most these fractions called human beings can aim to become another fraction and that is their defined destiny.

I the Time has no value after fraction becomes 1.

By the way, Love Story by Eric Segal has only one promise and that promise never breaks, no matter how fictious or real it is.

Blissfully and Musically Not Yours but of God Almighty.


Vivek said...

Time-less comment:)!

If I say all poetry is fiction I would be lying as much as if I say my poetry is aimed at a person, or is about one.

Cannot be,
That is the only pattern I hope everyone will see!:)

Also, I have edited the poem slightly now, reflecting it was written with three separate ideas in my head!

Time said...


So your ego got boosted and now you even edited it and re-posted it again.

My hands are itching to punture your ego. Shall I try? All in good faith. So do not take it sensitively if it really punctures your ego. I will try my best to de-gonflate you.

Let me try!

My Godzilla eyes, what can I say?

My two Godzilla eyes, what can I say
Are two light houses that see
That see not the landscapes of storms.
Only the sweet still waters of the imagined white seas
That span the skies of spiritual dreams
And lie with in the reach of any one who is humble enough to recognise humility and submit to Lord!


Yes my two spiritual eyes, what can I say
Are NOT two beacons in your dark sky
But these two beacons cannot bring hope to you, for I am only perfection of illusion and perfection of mirages,
As I walk away from you, towards my Lord, my friend!
My dear, It is Lord, who guideth you on each step
Will guide you too if you ask and make you Lord (y)our destiny!


My two eyes, what can I say
Are not willing to see the ways which Lord has forbidden me to see!
Yes! my eyes communicate innate misery
And quietly also of what they are not supposed to convey
Veiled in silent smiles of cordiality
My enticing eyes, they abandon you For you are forbidden to Me!
And this is Lord's way and principle which we all must uphold.

Vivek said...

:) Time-less again!
I bow to thy mighty eyes, and
surrender my peanuts of ego that
that you may savor as you will
with cups of spiritual tea:)!
I also bow to your good faith
and a great sense of humor that
that feeds on the joy of
putting en end to my misery:)!

If you may, ask yourself, what is your point?:)!! I have been writing poetry for 16 years now, and I never found anyone who thought I was suffering:), or in misery:)!! You are the first one to really say so.!

So my Time-LY friend, I welcome you to comment on all my writings, writing scathing criticism, and point out mistakes, grammatical blunders, logical flaws, and trust me I will love it. Maybe if you crush my ego to dust, I will become better person and poet!


Time said...

I didn't think either :)... that you were suffering or in misery. It was just an allegory to comment on your poem, and of course that is my "eshtyle" of making my comment sound like glaring light in darkness. Of course this is a tact I enjoy immensely about myself, which I had not used for many personal reasons and self-imposed inibitions and to save myself of miseries which prop up from such communications.

Good luck to your writings. You have enough companions around you who enjoy and comment on your writings and your poetry.

I do not see any worth in myself commenting about other people's lives or emotions or talents.

If you want to become better person you must ask your Lord and not Me. I am only a speck of dust and servant of Lord.
You donot gather dust at feet of Lord to guide you, when magnificience of Lord blinds you of the Mercy and Compassion of Lord. If not for Mercy of Lord, you wouldnot be smiling so much today.

That is the point I was trying to emphasise throughout and was trying to change this lustful Ramdass to Ramdass who wrote great epic.

Sorry for puncturing your ego. I knew you immensely enjoyed it. I also know you dont mind me dealing with you in anyway, for you want to waste my time.

And I have no intention of wasting my time on your priceless poems altough any girl who reads it will bloat like balloon and fall for you.

Fortunately my dear, I am not one among those, for my head( if you think I have one) is clear and feet are strong ( if you think I am not handicapped) and path towards my Lord is straight.


Keep smiling. Lord love you and your mother too. She is proud of you. Amen!

Vivek said...

Brilliant! Thanks for your Time:)!!

Chay said...

Wow!!!... sure are one interesting person. So tell me, if you indeed are on the straight path toward Abba...then what are you doing trying to 'puncture egos'. I do not recollect the Lord or the Son giving permissions to anyone to do so...Neither do I recollect God having appointed us judges over anyone...And you are so humble too...and so proud of your humility. :-)) Is it so hard to just love someone with the love of God without feeling superior??
Perhaps you should look inside the pot...I meant you. :-))

Rgds and blessings....

Time said...

Vivek Sir! Some one is defending you. Latch on! Good luck!

But don't lie to her please.

Will you do that for me ? :((

Remember no sorry no thank you between friends.

I let you go now. Sorry for my postings. I was just having fun trying to chat with some one imaginig you as some one I know already. Funny thing is you were not surprised. What could be the reason? Okies..just kidding..All your privacy/your companions all back to you.

Didn't mean to spoil your party.

Adieu! Friend.

Time said...


I am sorry if you didnot undestand me. I don't blame you. But I don't think there is any necessity for me to explain.

No ne can love others like Chay's! Right! Agreed.

Hands off from your gang.

Bye and Good Luck

Keep smiling!

SeaSwallowMe said...

ROTFLMAO .. this was a hilarious exchange.

Yo, Time - you sound so darn familiar. you got time for a round of "20 questions" ???

for starters:

1. telengana rules. yes ?? no ??
2. laxman rules. yes ?? no ??

if the above is just plain ole gibberish, never mind. :-P

Chay said...

Gosh Vivek, What did you do to this 'Time' person? :-)) And what would you lie to me about now?? Lollz!! And yeah...just latch on!! you cant speak for yourself you poor baby...;-)) are right, I did not understand one thing you said. Now you are saying this is a gang...:-O That too I dont understand!! :-?

Ok...SSM :-)) I will ROFL with you. Maybe I can understand then...I blame it on the rain!!!!! :-))) What are we having here - the Sulls bootcamp brigade??? SSM...are you responsible for this??? ;-))

Vivek said...

I am totally Funk-uzed:):)!

Time will seal the issue:)!
Either with kick or a kissue;)!!

(Maybe tissue rhymes better??:)!!)

Vivek said...

sulekha feedback:

Vivek Sharma comments:
on Apr 24 2005 2:30PM delete this comment block this user
EM lollz:)... ur initials remind me of EM Forster... r u twins? or related?:)!

Miss PG:) wb... the first stanza sets the tone, though second gives a glimmer of hope, and the third climaxes in abandonment... I will post "happy endings too", as ones with fulfillment:)! (Since this was written in a lecture hall, the two eyes of the prof were scrutinizing me:)!!

miss_priyanka_gupta comments:
on Apr 24 2005 5:39AM delete this comment block this user
Hi Vivek

Wonderfully captured feelings in words!

Your two eyes…
Are two beacons in my dark sky
… that bring hope to me

But one question: Here poet is a hopeful lover, why does he sound sad in the end??

…why they abandon me.

I personally think that poem should have finished with a happy note of a ever happy lover. What say


empty mind comments:
on Apr 24 2005 3:56AM delete this comment block this user

here is a corny comment\

your two eyes, what can I say?
are seeing each other. ;)


Vivek Sharma comments:
on Apr 23 2005 2:48AM delete this comment block this user
Sure Vi, Remember to cite the poet though :)! It is the best compliment to a writer if anyone remembers his/her lines! Thanks!

Chay, do I need to answer that?:) Maybe u can see it in poems posted... options: intelligent girl, bimbo, long distance, call tonight, tea spiller, tea non-drinker, bird watcher:), rumor, tumor, or in the snippets from my novel!!, etc!

Each poem has an inspiration of its own, need not be just the one:)!

vi comments:
on Apr 22 2005 6:24PM delete this comment block this user
I could identify with the sentiment here....
Can I copy and keep this?


chayalife comments:
on Apr 22 2005 6:08PM delete this comment block this user
No eyes communicate innate misery
And quietly also of what cannot be
Veiled in silent smiles of cordiality
Your enticing eyes, why they abandon me

:-)) is this part of teh research?? Lollz!!
pray this for anyone in particular? ...and dont write this off to regular curiosity...:-))))) i dont ask unless there is a good reason ;-))