Friday, January 06, 2006


Preface: The poem expresses, as can be understood by reading it, the flashes of joy that accompany the loss of a love gone astray. This is last in the series of poems that were motivated by similar ideas, and I guess since the new year must bring joy and hope to one and all, I will pick up the threads of "A cup of tea" and serve besides those delectable experiments, a series of happier poems.

Yesterday I heard the news
and laughed till the dew fell, froze
and shouted 'et tu Brutus';
The icicles of dreams shattered
lie in a puddle outside
where I need to pour
some sand and cement to cover
the muddy remains of once beautiful;
Water, when that day you froze
Water, it was I who held you close
and you took my warmth away
and you left me weak and weak
but yesterday, you set me at ease
but yesterday, you set me free;

And yesterday, I heard the news
and laughted till dew fell, froze;
A cubicle is the house you live in;
You reflect with screens around you;
Your conflicts are killed by clicks;
Your choices, you believe, are undoable;
No surprise you lost your wits
and yet you expected only plaudits;
I should have known this before
You sail only close to the shore
And your veils hide, not protect;
Though nonsensical your life, (it is
indeed nonsensical, not whimsical dumbo)
Makes sense to me as afterthought.

So when yesterday I heard the news
I laughed till dew fell, froze
and I shouted 'et tu Brutus' and perceived
In some way, yesterday I was conceived;
For only after you were gone
I figured I wasn't forlorn;
I was a taxi-cab you owned
and rode at will, with flourish
we spent hours together in jams
I silently heard you rant away
I was so full of you, your words
that chaos seemed beautiful, inevitable;
And now I've discovered what was wrong
I stand afar, much happier and strong.

Jan 06, 2006


Ardra said...

Yesterday happenned
It was Destiny
Today happenned
It is Experience
Tomorrow will happen
Its my choice...

Today , some pieces of y'day
still remain sticking to me
I'm peeling them off one by one
slowly and carefully
so that no piece of me tears...
leaving me raw and tender...

Yesterday is gone
Today I'm reborn
emerging from the inevitable chaos
I shall choose to forget some
Tomorrows will start afresh...

Cheers and Wishing you a wonderful Year ahead!

Alto said...

Good! That is what I wanted you to do, since very long time.

Vivek said...

From Dud Sea Scrawls:

Weak and weak!
By Vivek on Tue, 2006-01-10 02:03

Actually in the first draft, it was written in a moment of weakness, for nothing better suggested itself. In subsequent revisions, it seemed to emphasize the loss and I retained it. As always, suggestions welcome. I am sure when I meet my mentor he will grill me harder on these kinds of uses!

the rhyming pattern is a good question Smiling (I feel like the graduate student defending his research plots, trying to say there is a trend eventhough its apparent to noone, including himself). There are occasional rhymes at the end of the sentences, occasional at beginning, and at times in a sentence itself. But like the content of the poem, it has an amorphous form.
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By ano on Mon, 2006-01-09 08:03

very nice - particularly liked

I was a taxi-cab you owned
and rode at will, with flourish
we spent hours together in jams

wasn’t able to figure out the rhyming pattern, though.
and the line “and you left me weak and weak”, was the usage of “weak” twice in any way significant?
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