Friday, January 13, 2006

Untitled Poem.

Can I not bury those thoughts
In some graveyard, I can't revisit
And place no epitaphs, no flowers;
Do it without a ceremony or emotion
Just walk away without memories?

Maybe I can forget, not forgive
And my friends are archeologists
Fossils fascinate them; their thoughts
Excavate through ruins, thirsting for
Mysteries made diffuse with time.

Questions unanswered howl through the night
Those beasts, they say, cannot be tamed
They haven't yet found ciphers or words
To propound or claim the past as known
Or heal the heads with reminisces strong.

Like Hindus, I must burn my past
Scatter the ashes into the holy river
And return to life, cleanly wahsed
With shaved head, after homage to deceased
Believe all happened as my Karma conceived.

Read Gita, say: Only actions I controlled
Not results; And cry not for whats lost, for
I began with nothing to lose
I owned nothing, I deserved nothing
Nothing more than I've ended with.

Can I not be content and happy
From my pinings rescued, free
And choose dreams more purposefully
And be motivated to achieve the outcomes
My best efforts were destined to see?

Afternoon, Jan 12, 2006


disha-vinay said...


Read Gita, say: Only actions I controlled Not results;--me have been humming karmanye vadhikaraste.. and here u r with the same.. wow...

mereko ye poem pasand aya...


Ardra said...

Isnt it asking for too much
to be able to walk away without memories
becos more than the present
its our past that makes us, moulds us
and sculpts the future "I"

the past cannot be burnt
they dont melt
becos they get welded to our souls
and they form the karma that we accumulate...
to absolve our souls from the stains of the past
i guess we could, by merely being aware
that actions, memories are mere spider webs
which tho sticky are ephemeral
and to constantly remember again and again
we're not the doer- we're not the receiver
we're just witnesses...

Thank u Vivek..sometimes u'r poems help in introspection...
sometimes they help in quelling a few questions...

Vivek said...


your comments always mean so much; mostly for you seem to comprehend everything I seek to express, and this in spite of my inability to do full justice to some thoughts!

Alto said...
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Vivek said...

Alto: whosoever you are; if you want to read my poems, be my guest; if you want to critique the writings, you are most welcome, but I shall not tolerate these inane remarks that you keep posting!

Alto said...
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El enigma said...

very nice, Vivek....especially the first stanza...but memories are hard to tame....they come over unanounced, unwarranted....and sweep us away on their's hard to push them aside....those faces and places which were a part of our existence once....but who says difficult is impossible :) sure you can...