Saturday, January 28, 2006

Watch Rang de Basanti

Rang de Basanti is a good movie. A movie with a heart. A movie that will make you laugh a lot and allow you a tear or two. A movie with excellent music and great cinematography. A movie edited well. A movie where the roles of atleast 15 characters is well-developed, well-thought and well-defined. It is not without flaws, but it is the number of winners, that tilt the balance in a game. It is not a ace, but well thought Winner.

This is a coming of age movie. I love the movies and novels that open with one point of view, one life style, and then the narrative, the small events alter both the world and the person into becoming something else, someone better. A British grad-daughter comes to India to shoot a movie on revolutionaries and must work with a gang of students who have only 'fun' on their mind, and are, like most of us, totally disgusted with the system. Disgusted such that the stars of freedom struggle have started to fade in our memories, disgusted such that we keep on living our lifes cutting out our morals and ambitions to 'adjust' to the world around us. This is a movie, where such individuals discover their redemption, their lifes true meaning and agenda through the documentary being shot by a foreigner. This is most I will say in the review, without divulging anything much about the story.

Amir Khan has for nearly two decades shown a caliber that he utilizes extremely well to essay the role of DJ in the movie. His friends, Soha and Alice are all fit their roles well; former essaying her first role worth remembering; latter looks believable and must have worked hard to do her part this well. Siddarth, Sharman and Kunal are quite a revelation, Atul Kulkarni brings his celebrated fervor into the role of a saffronist, while Mahadhvan essays his short performance nicely. The presence and performance of Waheeda Rehman, Om Puri and Kiron Kher in all the screentime they have is powerful and poignant: they are really accomplished actors and each in his/her role leaves a memorable impact.

One of the most likable aspect of the movie is that the songs are woven extremely nicely, and they appear at the most appropriate moments. Lata's voice and moment it comes is bound to make many cheeks wet, and both AR Rahman and the lyricist Prasoon Joshi deserve kudos for wonderful songs that span the movie. The director, Mehra has done a good job, and Prasoon Joshi is impressive in dialogue writing as well. Uttered in very comtemporary style, the words will go well with audiences all over India.

Its a movie about the youth, for the youth. It is in some respects like Yuva, perhaps only better. The humor, especially scenes involving Aamir, are incredible. The shots of Punjab as well as Delhi are beautiful. The controversy about MiGs is an integral part of the movie, and rightly so, it must be there to emphasize how we have allowed so many brave pilots to lose their lifes in these planes that are either not maintained properly, or need to be decomissioned for the safety factor. The movie does ask some very good questions, and that I guess is the biggest strength of the movie. A movie where people clap around a dozen times during the performance and end the movie with a thundering applause, my friends, needs to enjoyed in the hall.

Go Watch it. I think I will be watching it again soon. It deserves another applause and ovation.


Chay said...

ay saala!! makes me hate seattle right now!!! We have one lousy theatre with sounds effects that make my not a Hi-def TV look awesome!! And there are precisely 4 DVD rental stores with absolutely no concept of booking movies and they all carry just 1 original DVD of any given movie...sigh!! kismat!! :-(

Lakshmy said...


Amazing blogs!!! Liked your lucid writing!! Keep blogging!

Demi Goddezz said...

hmm..looks like i need to watch this movie .. almost every single blog is yelling its blog u have here:)