Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Article in Divya Himachal (A Hindi Newspaper in Himachal Pradesh)


Gaku Sei said...

First let me tell you my background. I am from Himachal. I cleared IIT and I work in a investment bank in Tokyo in a big swanky building. But I totally disagree with your article. I think it is just bunch of bull without a iota of reality. Himachal is no place for talent. None of my teachers in Hamirpur could solve any physics problem in Irodov and I wasted so much time struggling to grasp even simple concepts. Since you are fan of quoting I will quote "guru bina gati nahin". Hard work without good direction and coaching is lot of frustration and not productive. I think I am statistically out of bell curve and not smart but I got the right breaks but giving a mantra to students that hard works solves everything is very misleading. Here in Tokyo I see people who have no eduction at higher posts just because of their skin color while people in India waste away their life repeating the false mantra of Hard work instead of being smart work and networking and helping each other and not being lone ranger. I was really disappointed by your analysis.

Vivek Sharma said...


I am aware of the circumstances that exist in Himachal, and my belief is that the only way to resolve certain issues is by addressing them at the root. To seek solutions and not state problems is the goal, and yes, to achieve that "guru" and "gati" are both necessary. I was pulled away from writing articles for I have a PhD thesis to finish (in August) and trust me, I planned to address the problems with education system, and the means of doing better in next series of articles.

Yet, the mantra of hard work in itself, is neither unwarranted nor unintentional. You are wherever you are for you worked hard, struggled against odds and came through. To be an Arjun requires both the skill of Arjun and teaching from Bhishma, Kripa and Drona. Even if you don't have access to these teachers, you can be driven enough to be an Eklavya or a Karna.

Gaku Sei said...

Hello Vivek,
I think you stressed on wrong points in your article. Since you are "IITian" and sound like a well wisher to Himachali youth I thought you would have realized by know that hard work makes only maybe 1/10th of getting sucess good place in India or abroad. I can cite few examples. Kota was a sleepy town in Rajasthan but couple of good coaching institutes made such a difference. In my third year in IIT chennai I saw 6 guys from Kota alone when there were none before. What changed ? Not level of hard work but proper guidance. You should have encouraged people to take risk to go and seek out knowldege where good coaching centers are in India and not just sit at home in himachal and rely on stupid hard work. I am not against hard work but mostly when you have enthusiasm and get proper guidance that work is not very hard but enjoyable.

Prem Roy said...

Yeah, Its great that such type of Hindi newspaper are there by which we can get relax.